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HPM: Herding
The mareep didn't move and Harvey's skitty was nowhere to be seen...perhaps this competition was better to be skipped...

Herding, er attempting to herd, for :bulletred:Affection Atoll:bulletred:
HPM: Home Stables - Medium by RockyDee
HPM: Home Stables - Medium
You step inside the decent sized stable of Home Ranch, it appears to be a little bigger but noticeably cleaner too! It is warm and musty, you really get the feeling you're in a barn! ((… )) There is hay scattered here and there, but over all you can tell it is well kept. Perhaps next time it will be even bigger! But you came here to visit the ponyta, not to critique the stable!

:bulletblue:Duchess:bulletblue: ((

Wow! A shiny rapidash! I bet she is spoiled considering she is from a royal line. She has a quirky nature and is somewhat vain. Her grey spots match her grey mane, mush better than her previous bright blue. This rapidash is available for breeding.

:bulletgreen:Emerald:bulletgreen: ((

This ponyta has bright green eyes! He was born on the islands and not bought by a seller off shore. His mother is Ruby and his father is Duke. Emerald has a careful nature and is highly curious. It might take him a while until he evolves. He is for sale.

:bulletred:Phantom:bulletred: ((

Look at his mask~ Makes him look a bit mysterious, no? His mother is Daisy and his father is Duke. Another island ponyta, how nice! He has a quirky nature, very people-oriented and fun-loving, likely to be the center of attention in social situations. Basically the chip of the ole block. He is for sale.

:bulletpink:Hera:bulletpink: ((

This girl has smoky ears and a smoky back! Her mother is Duchess and her father is Olympus. She seems to have a serious nature and is somewhat vain. Takes after her parents pretty well! She is for sale.
HPM: Batu by RockyDee
HPM: Batu
Name: Batu
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6"
Bodystyle: Stocky
Birthday: A very cold morning on January 30th
Home Island: Rapture Retreat

Batu is a determined man. He'll work hard and never complain about any
work he does. He is very confident yet manages to keep his ego at bay.
While having the notion of knowing everything he takes no offense to
being corrected. The pidgeot can be very helpful, but not to strangers. He grew
up in a community that helped each other and the only strangers were
infants. It's very difficult for him to understand the situations of
others and often assumes things based on his upbringing.

       He isn't playful, and when he attempts to joke or tease it comes out rather
rude. He never intends to be rude and will apologize when due. Batu gets
along a lot better with men than women as he believes they hold different
purposes in life. Works well with others, but he will boss them

History: Batu was named for loyalty. Like most
folks where he is from he has no last name. His life has been a cold yet
colorful one. He was part of a tribe who survived solely on raising
stantler. Their homes changed season to season in need of finding the
right grazing spots for their stantler. Batu worked very hard as a kid
and constantly tended the stantler, not bothering with play much like
the other kids. He was determined on raising the stantler to be the
best! Year after year, the tribe traveled, but their range of travel grew
 smaller due to cities and suburbs expanding. They didn't let
 this affect them though, even the younger kids were too happy
 to fall prey to the luxurious city life. But there was poison amongst the tribe.

    Batu never lost his
determination to be the best and most successful. In fact, he was often
turned to regarding wisdom on stantlers before the tribes elders. He
knew how to ensure the stantler stayed strong and fed, he knew how to
ward of enemy prey, he knew how to make most out of each stantler! He
was easily wed and was quick to have kids. Life was going great, but it
grew stagnant. No matter how good his stantlers were they would never be
as good as low quality livestock that were being raised and harvested
 at alarming rate which he couldn't keep up with. People in the big city weren't
interested in the gamey meat of stantler, nor did they need warm fur
when their apartment had a heater. He was the only one who's mind
constantly grew dark over this situation out of his entire tribe. They never had
troubles, and never had to worry! They were humble and even had so much
that they could easily help out other tribes. But for some reason Batu
had to compare his wealth and luxury to others who weren't even close to
being relatable.

    When they settled on the outskirts of a
large city, Batu was nowhere to be found. He spent all his days in the
city researching. He returned every night but only to sit down with a
hand full of papers and books, furthering his knowledge. As the vagabonds packed
up, Batu bid his tribe farewell. His research set his mind on a path to raising
more profitable livestock, and a richer land. The whole tribe was
devastated. Batu begged his family to come with him. His children
said yes but his wife said no. She did not want to leave their tradition
 and was proud to be a stantler herder. Dead set on his path for wealth, Batu
left his wife. And he refused to take his kids, for it is a firm belief
that children should be raised by their mothers. His family shed
tears but he did not. He was set on his way and started his long journey
to find Raccolto and its prosperous islands he researched.

Job: Rancher
Ranch Name: Enebish - which means 'Not This One'. Named so that evil spirits will over look his ranch.
Stock: Miltank
Dog's Race: Houndour
Dog’s name: Muuno
 Works well with pokemon
Learns fast
Great at using things to their full potential
Does well in winter weather
A little sexist
His way or the high way
Lacks a lot of common knowledge

Ability: Big Pecks - tough, scrappy
Nature: Rash - takes action sometimes without even thinking
Sunny Day
Mirror Move

Courtship - Prefers Women
Loves - Khuushuur, Summer Crops
Likes - Soups, Non-Fiction Books, Large fish
Dislikes - Sweets, Medicine, Flowers, Toys
Hates - Swords, Fruit pies

Yeaup. You know the drill. Probably going to vector these so I use the phrase 'sketch' lightly.

1 per person
Pretty open to most requests
Nothing complex
Have a good time

1. :iconkay-kitty-smiles: HPM: Fangirls by RockyDee
2. :icongoaterz: HPM: Gossip Girls by RockyDee
3. :iconmirumquis: PKMS: Miss Green by RockyDee
4. :iconlindsaypanes: HPM: Royalty by RockyDee
5. :icondentonclone:
6. :iconelfsama:
7. :icontwinklepuff:
8. :iconczmavery:
10. OPEN
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: Mamas and the Papas
  • Reading: Smuggler's Love
  • Watching: Shin Chan
  • Playing: with myself
  • Eating: Yogurt
  • Drinking: Green Tea


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Plushie hoarder for life!
Procrastinator for life!

I will finish this list later~

Autumn in New York by Lunar-LiaisonSteamed 7 by Lunar-LiaisonNew ID by RockyDeeMa bag... by Lunar-LiaisonMa bag...2 by Lunar-LiaisonMa bag...3 by Lunar-Liaison

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